Learning Disability

So Your Child Was Diagnosed With A Learning Disability – Now What?

When your child has a learning disability, the road to diagnosis can seem long and feel lonely. However, once you get that diagnosis, your work is just beginning. It can feel quite overwhelming to know what to do after diagnosis. Here are some starting points to ensure your child gets the best possible services after his diagnosis. Read More

Teacher reading to children with special needs

Teaching Important Life Skills To Kids With Autism

Kids with autism have an excellent chance at enjoying happy and successful adult years upon learning life skills early and often throughout childhood. Repetitive practice of each life skill at an early age gives kids a chance to embrace independence without the repercussions of failure. As you lead your child through the various tasks, you will have the opportunity to offer correction and praise to reinforce the adoption of each skillset. You will need to go through the list of important skills your child will need to navigate adulthood to adequately prepare him or her for life in the real world.
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5 Important Classroom Accommodations For Children With Autism

Various classroom technologies are being developed and implemented in the classroom that benefit both the teachers and the students. For example, Vivi.io offers a digital signage solution that can be utilized by the faculty members. There are tools like integrated grading systems that can help decrease a teacher’s workload. And there are tools that improve the educational experience of specific types of students, like autistic students. Since autism spectrum disorder causes a wide range of learning disabilities that are unique to each child, classrooms must remain equipped to help every student work around those difficulties. Each individual’s executive function level and sensory processing difficulties play a role in the resulting learning disability types and severity. With 1 in 68 kids diagnosed on the autism spectrum, with many high functioning individuals, teachers at all grade levels must remain prepared to provide accommodations designed to mitigate those learning difficulties. With the right classroom accommodations, it is possible to overcome barriers to learning and help children with autism tackle schoolwork with confidence. Read More