Children playing in a classroom

Learn the Signs of Autism

Having a child is both the most exciting and frightening thing that humans can do. The simple knowledge that you are now responsible for this tiny life is humbling and uplifting – and downright scary all at the… Read More

A boy on an iPad

What is Asperger Syndrome?

You may have noticed that your child is exhibiting some odd traits, such as playing in repetitive ways or not making eye contact. They may have regressed a bit, losing hard-won skills that they only recently gained. A… Read More

An Autistic Child Smiling

What is Autism?

If your child – your loving, interesting, perhaps quirky child – has just been diagnosed with autism, it may feel as though your world is spinning to a halt. You may not fully understand what this diagnosis means… Read More

Girls with Autism

Autism And Girls – How Girls With Autism Sometimes Fly Under The Radar

Autism is three times as common in boys as it is in girls, or even higher, according to most statistics, but some professionals are starting to wonder if these stats are accurate. A growing body of research is… Read More